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ME-T1202 – Preparation of the Ecohouse Housing Program


Sociedad Hipotecaria Federal S.N.C. (SFH)


PROJECT: ME-T1202 – Preparation of the Ecohouse Housing Program

DESCRIPTION: The envisioned activities are closely linked with the approved CTF proposal "Mexico CTF-IDB Group Energy Efficiency Program, Part I" to support Sociedad Hipotecaria Federal (SHF) to incorporate a new Greener Housing Program into its operations. The general objective of the proram is to provide SHF with the necessary financing to support its clientes, financial intermediaries, in the development of financial services and products that aim for a transformational change of the sustainable housing market. The program of Technical Cooperation will support the preparation, design and implementation of the loan ME-L1121. The TC program will include the hiring of a consultant/consultancy firm based in Mexico City to support the program, the provision of Technical Assistance to housing developers in Mexico participating in the Program as pilot developers and the preparation of the necessary studies to ensure the adequate preparation of the Program, to be tentatively presented to the CTF Board in April 2012, including a consultant/consultancy to complete the modeling of the expected reductions to be achieved by SHF's Energy-Efficienct Housing Program as well as the minimum reductions that will be required from developers to submit their proposed pilots.

INICIATIVE: Financial Mechanisms for Sustainable Energy - Green Finance - 


  • CTF $ 259 692

PROJECT TYPE: Technical Cooperation



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