Como a COP 25 pode movimentar as finanças sustentáveis?
Não é à toa que dentre os objetivos expressos no Acordo de Paris da ONU sobre mudança do clima de 2015 fez-se constar o objetivo do Artigo 2, “c”: “Fazer com o que os fluxos financeiros globai...
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“Power is gained by sharing knowledge, not hoarding it”: Insights from the IDB-China Exchange Program on Green Finance
The global green bond market hit USD 160 bn in 2017 and is estimated to reach 250 bn this year, with China becoming the world’s second-largest issuer (behind only the US) in less than three ye...
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Challenge Accepted: Paraguay Promotes Energy Efficiency
When looking at the long list of challenges countries in the region face in relation to economic development, one could think that for a nation like Paraguay energy access is not at the top of...