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Bahamas plans to sell blue bonds in 2022
06/07/2022 Since 2 months

The Bahamas has announced plans to return to international markets with the placement of blue bonds for an amount close to 400 million dollars, leveraged by a partial IDB guarantee which was approved in February 2022.

The Bahamas has an estimated 4,270 square kilometers of mangrove forests, seagrass beds, and other ecosystems that absorb and store significant amounts of carbon. It is estimated that approximately half of the Bahamas’ GDP is attributed to its blue economy.

The placement, without a defined date yet, would be carried out in a dual-tranche scheme. A first tranche A for 135 million dollars in 14-year bonds with an Aaa/AAA rating, 100% covered by the IDB guarantee, and a second tranche B for 250 million in 7 years notes with a Ba3/B+ rating.

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