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Bloomberg launches new indices in Climate Index Family
06/01/2022 Since 4 weeks

Bloomberg, world leader in commercial and financial information, announced the launch of new indices within the Bloomberg’s family of climatic indices. They include those labelled as EU Paris-Aligned Benchmarks (PAB), which deliver investors the tools and insight they need to measure and align their investment strategy with the Paris Climate Agreement’s decarbonization targets.

Bloomberg’s PAB offering is supported by the company’s comprehensive greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions data on more than 50,000 companies, including company-reported data and estimates for companies that do not report their emissions.

The new Climate Family also includes indices that provide comprehensive exposure to broad equities, as well as corporate and sovereign fixed income universes, incorporating several low-carbon and climate themes, including a new Government Climate Risk score developed by Bloomberg Sustainable Finance Solutions. The Bloomberg Climate Index is available for benchmarking, asset allocation, and product creation purposes.


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