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Dominican Government closes its first green bond issue
06/26/2024 Since 2 weeks

The Government of the Dominican Republic, through the Ministry of Finance, has issued green bonds for the first time in its history, in an operation that amounted to 750 million dollars, achieving a rate of 6.7%, approximately 15 basis points lower than that which would have been achieved with other non-thematic financing instruments with a similar term.

The Minister of Finance, Jochi Vicente, explained that the resources obtained with the placement, in addition to implying savings for public finances due to the difference in the financial cost, will be used for green expenditures, eligible under the country’s first Green, Social and Sustainable Bonds Framework.

These operations are part of a sustainable issuance program included in the 2024-2028 debt strategy, which is being implemented by the Government. Additionally, they are aligned with the country’s goals established in the National Development Strategy 2030.