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Financial Solutions for Development: National Infrastructure Platforms
Published: December 2022
Author/s: Ketterer, Juan Antonio; Ortega Andrade, Adrián; Martínez Álvarez, Juan; Fonseca, Daniel
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This paper presents a new public policy instrument, national infrastructure platforms (NIPs), to promote investment in sustainable infrastructure in Latin America and the Caribbean. The region has important infrastructure deficits that limit its ability to meet challenges of economic growth, climate change, and social inclusion and equality. NIPs will allow countries to maximize the use of public, multilateral, and concessional financing resources to promote socioeconomic development.

Specifically, since the infrastructure challenges of the region will not be met with public funding, NIPs will permit countries to optimize the role of public investment as a financial enabler for private investment, prioritizing climate change resilience through sustainable infrastructure. This document outlines the structure of NIPs and their three main functions: project preparation, de-risking, and financial structuring. These respectively identify and prioritize projects, incorporate the necessary risk mitigation instruments, and structure and deliver bankable projects until they successfully reach their commercial and financial closing stages.