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Green Bond Transparency Platform

The Green Bond Transparency Platform (GBTP) is an initiative developed by the Inter-American-Development Bank (IDB). The platform aims to support the harmonization and standardization of green bond reporting of all green bond issuers in the market, helping attract new investors to Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC). The GBTP provides all market actors with a greater level of confidence where the use of proceeds are invested, which environmental performance was achieved by each investment. The GBTP is a multi-stakeholder initiative to provide data free-of-charge and aims to provide a benchmark for best practice disclosure and support to all market actors.

• For issuers, the GBTP facilitates to report in a standardized way and simple format on the use of proceeds and impacts of their bonds.

• For external reviewers, the GBTP provides a way to present their work with issuers on pre- and post-issuance and the conclusions of these reviews.

• For investors, the GBTP facilitates information on the environmental performance and the use of proceeds of specific bonds.

• For public sector authorities, the GBTP is an evidence-based data tool to inform discussions on taxonomies.

For more details: http://greenbondtransparency.com/

Published: April 23 of 2021