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Climate Bonds Conference 21


Aligning Reporting Best Practices

A training workshop with the participation of Alex Vasa, Capital Markets and Financial Institutions Senior Specialist at the IDB. How do different organisations provide and analyse reporting? Following up on the findings of the Post-Issuance report launched by CBI in June, this session will help to define good reporting, provide recommendations, analyse case studies, and get viewers to understand the strengths and weaknesses of different styles of reports. It will also explore the perspectives, experiences and approaches of different groups in providing and using reported data and will highlight relevant platforms and investors.

Transparency and Reporting in the GB Market

Presentation by Maria Netto, Capital Markets and Financial Institutions Principal Specialist at the IDB. Post-issuance disclosure provides transparency, ensures accountability, and underpins the credibility of green bonds and loans. As the market has grown, interest in disclosure around use of proceeds and impact has grown with a view to better inform investor decision-making processes, analysis, and reporting. We dive into the current state of play in post-issuance reporting practices, discuss implications, and map out what needs to happen next to achieve greater harmonisation, including the potential of the EU Green Bond Standard.

Latin America and Caribbean Sustainable Finance State of the Market – Launch of the LAC Report

Presentation by Maria Netto, Capital Markets and Financial Institutions Principal Specialist at the IDB. Green bond issuance in Latin America and the Caribbean have reached a cumulative USD 26bn. The green label is the fastest-growing asset class in the region, however, sustainability and social bonds are also coming to market, together with performance based instruments. To present this progress and opportunities for further expansion, the Climate Bonds Initiative, in partnership with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the International Finance Corporation (IFC), developed the Second Edition of the Latin America and Caribbean State of the Market, covering the established green market and the increasing sustainability and social labels in the region. What is driving the growth of sustainable finance in the Latin American region and what sectors have the most potential for issuance?

See all the sessions of the Climate Bonds Conference 21.

This post is also available in: Spanish Portuguese (Brazil)

Published: September 10 of 2021
Organizer: Climate Bonds Initiative
Event Page: https://greenfinancelac.org/resources/events/climate-bonds-conference-21/
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