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Financing the fuel of the future in Spain and Latin America: Green Hydrogen

UNEP FI, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and GIZ, with the collaboration of the Chilean Public-Private Roundtable on Green Finance, the Ecuadorian Sustainable Finance Initiative, the Paraguayan Roundtable on Sustainable Finance (MFS), the Bolivian Roundtable on Sustainable Finance, the Sustainable Finance Working Group of Panama, the Financial Innovation Lab (Brazil), the Financial Innovation Lab (Mexico) and Spainsif, together with ComunicarSe, País Circular, Diario Sustentable and Diario Responsable as Media Partners, held the Webinaron 25 October 2021.

The webinar aimed to raise awareness of the potential of green hydrogen on the road to a more sustainable economy among the different agents of the financial system and to assess the main challenges that exist in the financing of projects related to green hydrogen production, storage and transport. The webinar proposed a debate on the strategies and actions that financial institutions can take to accelerate the transition process towards a low carbon economy. The following topics were presented:

• Analysis of green hydrogen projects currently underway in different geographies, their characteristics and advantages. Main risks and/or challenges for their financing and how they can be addressed / mitigated.
• Assessment of the differences between financing these types of projects versus other energy generation projects. Types of viable/available financing structures and their sources of finance.
• Importance of accurate and agreed diagnoses of energy market needs.
• Analysis of renewable energy alternatives and in particular the potential of green hydrogen. Measurement of potential impacts.
• The role of regulators and government agents: the need for appropriate regulatory frameworks according to the projects.

Watch the event here:

This post is also available in: Spanish

Published: October 25 of 2021
Organizer: BID, UNEP FU, GIZ
Event Page: https://greenfinancelac.org/resources/events/financing-the-fuel-of-the-future-in-spain-and-latin-america-green-hydrogen/
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