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Track Lab Sustainable Financial Instruments: Sustanability Linked Bonds and Loans, deep dive

Monthly webinar series to deepen the debate on the sustainable finance market. The sessions will address the structuring of green financial instruments, general conceptos, trends and innovations, among other relevant topics.

On 12/14 the third webinar of the track “Sustainable Financial Instruments and Market Perspectives” was held on the topic “Sustainability Linked Bonds and Loans”. It was presented a case of Grupo Boticário, permeating the difficulties, learnings and goals of issuance, by Carolina Mastri, from the Boticário Group and Luiza de Vasconcellos Vasconcelos, from Banco Itaú.

Specialists and players in the sustainability market discussed the challenges, lessons learned, experiences and trends of Sustainability Linked Bonds and Loans. Issues such as double counting of indicators, difficulties in issuance, taxonomy and framework was addressed. Bruno Youssif, from RESULTANTE Research | Consultancy | Education; Daniela Baccas, from CVM; Patricia Genelhuú, from BTG Pactual participated; Isabelle Braly-Cartillier, from the Inter-American Development Bank, and Gustavo Pimentel, from SITAWI Finance for Good. Nataly Briquet, from EY, and Rodrigo Pereira Porto, from IDB, moderated.

This post is also available in: Spanish Portuguese (Brazil)

Published: December 14 of 2021
Organizer: ABDE, BID, CVM, GIZ, LAB Brasil; IKI
Event Page: https://greenfinancelac.org/resources/events/track-lab-sustainable-financial-instruments-sustanability-linked-bonds-and-loans-deep-dive/
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