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Public-Private Dialogues

Laboratories of Financial Innovation - LABs

Innovation is a powerful tool that can help drive transformation in the region by promoting investments in different sectors and enabling progress for economically, socially, and environmentally vulnerable populations.

The Laboratories of Financial Innovation, or "LABs", are a multi-stakeholder and bottom-up process promoting dialogue and knowledge sharing between civil society, the private sector, the public sector, and financial and capital market players. LABs are based on concrete deliveries and prototyping, which aims to address bottlenecks, present solutions to leverage private sector investments, develop regulations and expand the use of innovative green instruments in the financial and capital markets.

Green Finance Public-Private Roundtables

Green finance roundtables outline a long-term agenda for dialogue and joint work between government, regulators, and financial market institutions. The roundtables also advocate for the integration of climate risks and opportunities into the financial system through the development of green and sustainable regulations.


Scope of Activities

Sustainable and Green Finance

Exchange of experiences on financial instruments for diverse sectors, including transport, energy, bioeconomy, water and sanitation, agriculture and land use.

Green and Sustainable Bonds

Promotion of instruments and a regulatory framework for developing of a local market for green and sustainable bonds, along with assistance to investors and issuers.

Green Banking/ESG

Support to public and private banks in fine-tuning best practices for green banking/ESG, including institutional strategies, methodologies and management systems.

Risk Management and Transparency

Enhance financial disclosure in the financial system and integrate climate, environmental and social risks and opportunities into their business.

Impact Investment

Advance the creation of alternative financial instruments to finance investments with social impact, deepening financial solutions for local projects.


Where it is implemented

Laboratories of Financial Innovation - LABs


The Financial Innovation Lab (LAB) in Argentina is in full gestation. The aim is to have a dynamic and open space that promotes the discussion of ideas and collaboration between institutions and individuals interested in climate and social finance. The objective is to develop innovative financial instruments that promote good practices in the region's capital markets. Initially, it hosts two working groups: (i) the Sustainable Finance Protocol, as a working space for public and private first-tier banks; and (ii) the Public-Private Dialogue Roundtables of the National Securities Commission (CNV), which seek to facilitate SMEs' access to finance through the capital markets. These working groups address key issues such as access to finance, environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors, climate change, gender and taxonomy, to promote sustainable financing solutions for SMEs through both the banking sector and the capital market.

Laboratories of Financial Innovation - LABs


Development of innovative financial solutions to leverage private investment in projects that may have social and/or environmental elements.

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Green Finance Public-Private Roundtables


Roadmap activities identification and objectives definition to integrate climate change risks into financial practices and regulation.

Laboratories of Financial Innovation - LABs


Ascertain financial instruments to expand private investment in green and sustainable businesses in strategic sectors.

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Project Map

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Why Public-Private Dialogues?

Public-private dialogues allow for strategic positioning to work with the public and private sectors and leverage influence on linkages with governments, corporations and civil society to maximize the impact of planned projects and investments.

As a platform that catalyzes innovation for inclusion in Latin America and the Caribbean, public and private dialogues support ventures and projects with the potential to generate transformational impact on populations that are vulnerable due to economic, social, gender and/or environmental conditions.

Public-private dialogues connect capital resources, stakeholders and knowledge in Latin America and the Caribbean, and between the region and different parts of the world.

Innovation allows to overcome barriers that prevent green investment such as:

  • Scarce financing for entrepreneurs.
  • Under developed or emerging innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystems.
  • High costs of products or services due to insufficiently deployed technologies.
  • Lack of culture in the market.
  • Diverse points of view and redundant efforts without consensus.
  • Regulatory frameworks not articulated with long-term sustainable economy.
  • Lack or conflicting public financial incentives for Investments.
  • Gaps in clean and green technologies, finance for sustainable natural resource-based green economies, climate smart blue economy and circular economy.
  • Misalignment of public sector financing decision-making with the environmental dimension of sustainable development.
  • Financial instability due to climate change.
  • Reduced asset values and companies’ profitability due to physical effects of increasingly severe and frequent climate and weather-related extreme events.
  • Lower ratings by agencies as climate risk factors are incorporated into their credit rating opinions.
  • Rapid reassessment of a wide range of asset values through unanticipated or premature write-downs of carbon-intensive industries given an adjustment towards a carbon-neutral economy, prompted by changes in policy, regulations, technology, or market sentiment.


Success Cases

Laboratories of Financial Innovation - LABs


The Brazilian Laboratory of Financial Innovation (LAB) is a collaborative platform to share knowledge, enhance regulatory frameworks, and pilot innovative products in order to advance sustainable finance in Brazil. The multi-sector forum was initiated by the Brazilian Development Association (ABDE), the IDB, and the Securities Commission of Brazil (CVM) in partnership with the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH.

In August 2020, the Brazilian LAB completed its third year working to promote sustainable finance and financial innovation in Brazil. Currently , 232 institutions and 823 members are involved in the effort, up from no more than 50 institutions at the beginning.

The work being done at the LAB has been recognized as the only open multi-stakeholder forum in Brazil to promote green finance through interactions between regulators, governmental and non-governmental agencies, civil society, the private sector and capital market players, such as public and private banks. It is based on concrete deliveries and prototyping, which aims to address bottlenecks, present solutions to leverage private sector investments, and expand the use of innovative green instruments in the financial and capital markets.

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Green Finance Public-Private Roundtables


The goal of the Green Finance Public-Private Roundtable is to outline a long-term agenda for dialogue and joint work between government, regulators and financial market institutions, and to incorporate climate change risks and opportunities into their business strategies.

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Laboratories of Financial Innovation - LABs


Established in 2019, the Mexican LAB is a multisectoral forum led by the Mexican Banks Association (ABM), the Consultative Council of Green Finance (CCFV), and the IDB in alliance with GIZ.

The Mexican LAB has successfully scaled the financial innovation dialogue structured in its four working groups: sustainable energy, sustainable transport, sustainable agriculture and green banking. The Mexican LAB developed sectoral roadmaps to identify innovative financial instruments and accelerate public and private sectors investments in sustainable development.

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Partners on the Ground

The Inter-American Development Bank has partnered with major "green" players to catalyze new investments in the Latin American and Caribbean region.

This initiative is promoted by the IDB with the support of the International Climate Initiative (IKI), the Federal Ministry of the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMUB) and the Climate Investment Funds (CIF).

Additionally, the IDB has partnered with key "green" players and national development banks (NDBs) to design and promote green financial instruments in the Latin American and Caribbean region.
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