Podcast Series "Towards Sustainable Finance"

EPISODE 1: "Energy Savings Insurance: a tool to support entrepreneurs and sustainability"

In this episode we discuss with Carla Romero from Banco Estado and Rodrigo Chaparro from the IDB about Energy Savings Insurance, a tool that aims to improve the productivity and sustainability of the business sector.

EPISODE 2: "Green Climate Fund Projects"

In this episode we will have a discussion with Joaquín Flores from BANDESAL and Christian Schneider from the IDB about the energy efficiency financing line for SMEs and its local impact with support from the IDB and the Green Climate Fund.

EPISODE 3: "The Emerging World of ESG Ratings in Debt Markets"

In this episode we dive with Gabriel Ervilha from BNDES and Isabelle Braly from IDB into the world of ESG ratings and how these certifications impact institutions and their markets.

EPISODE 4: "Unlocking Carbon Markets"

In this episode we talk together with Caroline Prolo from Stocche Forbes Abogados and Daniel Peon from the IDB about carbon markets and how the public and private sectors are adapting to these markets and their regulations.

EPISODE 5: "The Role of Sovereign Bondholders in Green Bond Investments"

Get ready to learn more about the contribution of sovereign green bonds and their national climate targets and commitments in this interesting interview with Carmen Nuzzo from PRI and Alexander Vasa from IDB.