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General Implementation Guide for the Green Taxonomy of Colombia
Published: February 2024
Author/s: Climate Bonds Initiative | Ambire Global | Metrix Finanzas
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This Guide is presented as an official indicative tool for the implementation of the Colombian Green Taxonomy, as well as the Colombian Green Taxonomy Tool, which was reviewed and is endorsed by the Interinstitutional Taxonomy Board.

The guidelines and resources are based on what was observed during the Colombian Green Taxonomy pilots, as well as on the review of relevant scientific and bibliographic information associated with its activities; therefore, this Guide is not exhaustive and may vary according to changes in the country’s regulations, the availability of information, the context of each entity and of the project evaluated, among others.

The report was prepared by Climate Bonds Initiative, Ambire Global and Metrix Finanzas, in the framework of the programs “Support to the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals in Colombia – Preliminary Actions” financed by the European Union and “Greening the Colombian financial system: Implementation of local green definitions to enable long-term investment in priority sectors” through the support of the UK PACT of the Embassy of the United Kingdom.