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Biodiversity in Environmental Impact Assessments
October / 18 / 2022

November / 28 / 2022
October / 18 / 2022
November / 28 / 2022

This course provides a knowledge base on accepted good practices for the effective incorporation of biodiversity into the process of Social and Environmental Impact Assessment (EISA). These good practices have been created to ensure that the biodiversity information included in EISAs provides a precise and adequate analysis of the impact on biodiversity, providing a basis for the development of effective mitigation measures to ensure that these impacts are handled in an appropriate manner.The course is divided into five modules: (1) development and biodiversity; (2) good practices for biodiversity baseline data collection; (3) good practices for biodiversity impact assessment; (4) effective measures to mitigate Impacts on biodiversity; and (5) biodiversity and the challenge of sustainable development. This course will have an optional synchronous session by videoconference during module 2. Although your participation will not affect the qualification of the course, we recommend it for informative purposes.

Effort 10 hours per 5 weeks.

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Organizer: IDB
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