Green light: How to achieve the energy transition in Latin America
Latin American and Caribbean countries have the opportunity today to harness their vast renewable resources to drive the energy transition, a key step on the road to carbon neutrality in the r...
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Sustainable Disclosure Standards: Progress and Challenges
The Ministry of Finance, through the Public-Private Roundtable on Green Finance, is organising this webinar with the aim of providing information on the status of the implementation of regulat...
Track Lab Sustainable Financial Instruments: Sustanability Linked Bonds and Loans, deep dive
Monthly webinar series to deepen the debate on the sustainable finance market. The sessions will address the structuring of green financial instruments, general conceptos, trends and innovatio...
Prospects for growth in the Andean sustainable debt market
In collaboration with IFC GB-TAP, ICMA presents this webinar focusing on the sustainable bond market in the Andean region. The event will feature a keynote speech from the Inter-American Devel...
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12/07/2021 - 12/08/2021
EM ESG Conference
Join the longest-running conference dedicated exclusively to ESG in emerging markets. The Emerging Markets Investors Alliance's EM ESG Conference brings together emerging market corporate and ...
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Finance for Sustainable Development: a New International Economic Architecture
International event in which local and foreign specialists will debate the role of finance in the construction of sustainable global development. The new architecture in international finan...
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Around the world case studies on Sub-National labelled bond issuances for Cities
Cities account for 75% of global carbon emissions, hosting over 56% of the global population, which is expected to rise 68% by 2050. Emerging markets and developing countries' cities are part...
Sustainable Development Bond (SDB): An Agenda for financing the SDGs in Brazil
This event, which is the second of the series that takes place monthly until February 2022, will present an alternative under study to provide greater legal certainty and transparency for the ...
ESG in Fixed Income Global Series 2021
Environmental Finance will hold the Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) in Fixed Income Global Series in a sequence of six full day conference from March 2021 to December 2021. Key topics...