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Celsia places second green bond issue to continue financing expansion of solar projects
12/01/2021 Since 7 months

Celsia, Grupo Argos’ energy company, issued and placed today the second issue of green bonds worth $140 billion with which the company will promote low-carbon, climate-resilient renewable energy projects that contribute to a model of sustainable economic growth and development.

This second issuance is charged to the first green bond issuance and placement programme carried out by Celsia and approved by the Financial Superintendency of Colombia in June 2018, making the company at that time the first real sector company in the country to issue green bonds to finance solar energy projects.

The issue was led by Banca de Inversión Bancolombia S.A. Corporación Financiera and Valores Bancolombia S.A. Comisionista de Bolsa acted as placement agent.

Celsia will allocate these resources to the development of its investment plan for the period 2017 – 2025, consisting of the construction of several solar power plants with a combined installed capacity of up to 215 MW.

Celsia Solar Espinal (Tolima) and Celsia Solar El Carmelo (Valle del Cauca), which provide clean energy to various companies to make their production processes more sustainable, were also recently put into operation.

To date, the company has 7 solar farms in operation in Colombia and Central America.

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