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IDB Invest Sustainability Report 2022
09/05/2023 Since 9 months

IDB Invest has published its first Sustainability Report. As the private sector arm of the IDB Group, IDB Invest’s focus is on catalyzing the financing of projects that advance the sustainable economic, environmental, and social development of the region.

This Sustainability Report highlights how IDB Invest works with industry partners and other stakeholders to promote sustainable development with positive impacts for end-beneficiaries. The content of the document includes: i) IDB’s approach in investing for sustainability (financial solutions, frameworks, policies, governance); ii) key areas of impact in mobilizing the private sector toward the green economy; iii) inspiring change, partnerships, and knowledge sharing; iv) acting responsibly through institutional governance, managing human capital and achieving diversity, equality and inclusion. Finally, IDB Invest details next steps to continue enhancing its impact.

The report was elaborated in accordance with the 2016 Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards.