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Carbon Markets LAB Series: “Forest offsets and nature-based solutions”

This webinar was the last in the LAB series on carbon markets. It started with an introduction to the concept of carbon markets. Was followed by a discussion on domestic regulated markets such as those implemented in the European Union, California and Colombia. It continued with regulated markets under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. The fourth webinar dealt with decarbonisation certificates. The next webinar discussed voluntary markets and carbon credits. Finally, forest offsets and nature-based solutions were presented, a topic of interest to LAC given that it has one of the largest forest cover in the world and the challenges it faces.

Published: August 12 of 2021
Organizer: ABDE, BID, CVM, GIZ, LAB
Speaker: María Netto, BID
Raoni Rajão, UFMG
Suzana Velez, Verra Latin America
Janaina Dallan, Carbonext
Eduardo Bastos, Bayer
Clarisse Cruz, Ministério do Meio Ambiente
Event Page: https://greenfinancelac.org/resources/events/carbon-markets-lab-series-forest-offsets-and-nature-based-solutions/